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UPDATE: Rocky Point COVID Regulations

If you keep up with any Rocky Point facebook groups, you know what the fuss is about.

Here is a list of the tourism regulations and requirements for entering Rocky Point!

* Entry to the city will require a reservation at one of the Certified / Sanitized locations (found on theCome to Rocky Pointpage); as well asfor condominium owners – contact your HOA for more information and instructions

* When going through Sonoyta after crossing border, MASKS ARE REQUIRED in your vehicle and don’t forget speed limit is 25 MPH

* Pools at resorts & hotels will be open

* Golf courses open

* Only the concession beach area in front of hotels & resorts will be open (as of the latest info this week) – This includes the palapas in front of various resorts. The rest of the beach and to the water is not open yet

* 10 pm curfew across the city

* Restaurants are open at 40% capacity (Check with them to confirm times and days)

* Nightclubs and bars (which aren’t part of restaurant) are closed

* ATV (max 1 person) and RZR (max 2 people) rentals will be allowed, helmet law is in effect

* There is a city recommendation (this is not mandatory) to limit travel for children under 12 or adults over 65

* Be alert that in some locations (supermarkets, different restaurants) children under 12 are not allowed in

* MASKS (nose/mouth coverings) are REQUIRED in public spaces across the city. This includes shops, grocery stores, walking into restaurants – Please help out these businesses by following guidelines so they don’t get fined

* The previous limit on only 2 people per car willno longer be in effect. However, EVERYONE in the car must have a mask readily available as they are still required in Public Spaces (Update on June 15th by Mayor: families in car together don’t each have to wear a mask – but you need one when you get out in any public space)

* Malecon area is closed. (Most recent update on June 16th – certified restaurants can open)

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