• Jae Cuevas

The Most Popular Form of Tourism in Mexico Isn't What You Think.

"According to ADA, almost 90% of dental industries across the U.S. shut down amidst COVID."

These last months are a situation that no dental or medical school could have trained anyone for. Mexico is a very popular destination for medical tourism. What is medical tourism? People looking for less expensive deals on braces, denchers especially, veneers, etc., come to Mexico to find these procedures. Medical tourists save up to 50-70% coming to Mexico for their dental work.

Going to a certified dentist in another country can be the best experience of your life. If you choose correctly. The U.S. is no exception to go to the first dental office you find just because they have nice price. Nice prices doesn't always mean you'll leave with a job well done. Ask questions before choosing your dentist. How much training have they had? What are their work ethics? Does the procedure have a guarantee? How many years does it cover?

Mexico is a large country, and just like anywhere else, you need to do your research.

There are many great dental options available in Mexico. It's important to know who will be doing your treatment or procedure. Another thing to keep in mind in Mexico is that just because the prices are lower, does not mean treatments are of less quality. One of the main reasons prices are much lower in Mexico, is because the government supports the cost of dental school for students, and in exchange dentists complete one free year of community service after graduating. U.S. dentists immediately need to start paying off school.

Sadly, every corner around the world is feeling the impacts that COVID has brought. Loved ones are restricted from traveling to see each other, work forces have diminished, and especially touristic locations have felt the pressures. Besides the economic drops in touristic areas, medical tourism is among the most affect during these times. The Amador Dental Care team hopes that their friends, family, current and future clients are being safe and taking precautions.

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