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It's Not You- It's... Safety

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

To the dear friends and family that count on Amador Dental Care to always perform at their highest standards, this is for you.

The ADC team would like to express concerns that have been observed about protocol precautions. Before we go into details, the ADC team has a YouTube channel where they post important video updates and important regulations due to COVID.

Here is the link to Amador Dental Care YouTube:

One of the main concerns the ADC family has noticed is directed towards the gear setup the doctors must wear when starting on a patient. Dr. Paul and Shirley Amador would like to reassure everyone that the gown, mask, goggles, shielded-face mask, gloves and foot booties are nothing to be concerned about. This protection is 100% not a personal thing or to be intended to offend any of clients. The ADC Dr.'s always keep up with protocol regulations and standards that are meant to keep everyone safe!

Dental doctors and others employed in the dental industry are some of the highest risk workers. Think about it. They work directly inside our mouths. Most viruses, especially COVID, are spread through bodily droplets either through direct contact, or because they're roaming in the air. The human mouth is capable of germinating bacteria at rapid rates. The Amador team wants to express that any precautions you see taken at Amador Dental Care, is for the consideration, health, and safety of every single person that comes in and out.

While we're on the subject, this week the ADC team will be receiving what's called a "VacStation". Let me show you a picture because you're probably asking yourself, "what the heck is that?". It's actually very important.

This is what a VacStation looks like. Some may appear slightly different.

The VacStation's job is to suck in all of the bacteria and anything that may splash from the mouth while the Dr's are beautifying your mouth. This equipment can come with up to 10 filters inside.

Here's a short 40 second video to show you the difference a VacStation can make:

The Amador team hopes that clients and friends feel comfortable whenever they come to the office. It's encouraged that you ask questions about any protocol precautions you see us taking. If you have any questions at all, please ask. ADC is here for you.

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