• Jae Cuevas

Is Your Toothpaste Doing the Job?

With most purchasing decisions, we tend to choose based off personal preference. I know, it can be tempting to choose the prettiest looking toothpaste, the one with the bright colors, or the one that's on sale- but it's time to take into consideration what really counts in our toothpaste.

When choosing your toothpaste, it's always important to consider the needs of your mouth. Is there's something specific you need to nurture in your mouth, such as restoring enamel, whitening, preventing cavities- you should choose based off of the results you're looking for. Don't go for a toothpaste high in whitening ingredients if you have a hypersensitive mouth. You get the gist!

Toothpaste for Whitening

Fluoride is the main ingredient that makes our teeth white. Look for fluoride under the ingredient list! Another way to to get accurate results are to look for the ADA (American Dental Association) seal on the packaging.

Is fluoride actually necessary?

YES! Fluoride is essential to maintaining a healthy mouth. Unless you have doctors orders to avoid fluoride, definitely ensure your toothpaste has fluoride.

Enamel-restoring toothpastes actually do the job?

Tooth enamel does not regrow, and therefore is important to treat it with care. Enamel repairing toothpaste can be effective depending on the existing state of your enamel. Fluoride is essential to strengthening the enamel and making it more resistant.

Key Ingredients to Look For

Fluoride fluoride fluoride. It is so essential to fighting tooth decay, makes teeth enamel stronger and more resistant to acid wear. Glycerin (also seen as glycerol, glycerine) helps keep products fresh and smooth when it glides onto the necessary area, i.e. teeth, skin, hair.

Brushing our Teeth

I now this may sound odd to some people, but bare with me. After we brush our teeth, we should actually let it sit for a moment so that the essential ingredients get in between our teeth and do the job it's supposed to do. The general rule for the amount of time we're supposed to brush, is 2 minutes. Many people don't actually brush their teeth this long. If you brush for the entire 2 minutes, you can skip the whole "letting it sit in your mouth", since that is plenty efficient.

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