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How You Can Stay Safe During This Time

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

First things first-- keep your hands clean!

Hopefully this isn't a new concept to anyone. Washing your hands well also includes drying them well.

Help Others Around You

Now is a time when we should all be coming together and offering support to one another. People as a whole should take special consideration into those that are at a potentially higher risk, such as the elderly, and those with pre-existing medical conditions.

It is not necessary to buy up everything form the shelves. Take only what you need for a few days at a time. Some stores around America are even taking into account the elderly- and using morning hours specifically for them to get their supplies.

Keeping the Workplace Safe

  • It's probably best to stop shaking hands with others for the next few weeks.

  • Regularly clean objects that are most touched e.g. door handles, the coffee pot, bathroom areas, desk tops, etc...

  • Open doors (when applicable) with your elbow or foot instead of using your hands.

  • Keep your own area clean such as wiping down your phone screen and computer often.

Handling Food

  • Limit the amount of sharing you do with food and drinks.

  • If you can't help a craving you have for your favorite fast food, try to choose one that is practicing safety measures to keep things clean.

What You Can Do to Stay Healthy

Continue practicing good, healthy habits. Keeping your living area clean, the food you eat, the people you are around, and yourself- is the best you can do. Keeping your immune system and health at its highest is the best thing you can do- always.

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