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Here Are Some Weird Dental Products That Are Actually Useful- Reviewed

Today we bring you some odd yet effective oral hygiene products. Take a look at what people have to say about them. Maybe even try them out for yourself!

(None of the products below are sponsored).

1. Water flosser

With almost 50,000 ratings on Amazon, their top rated water flosser comes in at a 4.6/5 stars! Water flossing is supposedly 2x more effective at improving gum health and 3x more effective at removing plaque for those with braces! Water flossing products are also more safe to use for people that have had any type of dental restoration or implants. As an added bonus, water flossers are more eco-friendly since it reduces the waste of string floss. The average American goes through 4-5 rolls of floss per year, and a single piece of floss can take up to 80 years to biodegrade!

2. Tongue cleaners (or scraper)

I know. As strange as it may sound, these guys are actually pretty handy, and up to 30% more effective at removing tongue bacteria than a toothbrush. This guy on Amazon for only $9 has 4.7/5 stars out of nearly 14,000 reviews! Not too bad, huh? Most people prefer to use a tongue scraper for the long term benefits (with consistency, of course) of eliminating bad breath and improving quality of taste.

How to use:

  1. Gently set the rounded end of the tongue scraper at the back of your tongue.

  2. If you’re worried about gagging, you may find it helpful to start at the middle of your tongue. You can gradually start from farther back as you get used to scraping.

  3. Gently touch the scraper to your tongue. Slowly pull it forward, toward the tip of your tongue. You should never push the scraper from the tip of your tongue back. Always go from the back of the tongue to the tip.

  4. After each scrape, use a washcloth or tissue to remove debris from the scraper.

  5. Repeat until you’ve scraped the entire surface of your tongue. One to two scrapes across the same area is usually enough.

  6. Wash the tongue scraper with warm water and soap, dry, and store in a clean, dry area.

3. Activated Whitening Charcoal

Theres been a lot of talk about this specific product in the recent years, especially as the popularity for teeth whitening has begun. This specific brand below is probably the most bought on Amazon. With 25.3k reviews, it comes in at 4.2/5 stars. This brand claims to be vegan and cruelty free. First off, many people have joined in on the recent fad of everything charcoal. But do we really understand what it is? Activated charcoal is essentially, "a form of carbon that’s been treated to make the surface of its particles porous". Charcoal can certainly be effective at removing surface stains over time, but it cannot do any serious whitening.

Activated charcoal is meant to cling and bind to the elements it contacts. Sometimes so strong that hospitals use it to treat patients with poisoning or drug OD's.

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