• Jae Cuevas

Debunking Myths About X-Rays

The reality is, in some cases, x-rays are a necessary factor of determining oral issues that not even the most thorough dental professional can know.

X-ray's give your dental professional a better understanding of what is going on in areas that they cannot see with a simple oral exam.

What Problems Need to be Detected with X-rays?

  • identifying early onset of tooth decay

  • reveal bone loss

  • narrow done the complication of gum diseases

  • closer images at root canals

  • often necessary before getting braces, dentures, and other dental procedures

As you can tell, certain times call for different approaches. After all, this is oral health we are talking about here, which has effect on your overall health. How often you will need x-rays, just depends on your dental history and what's going on in your mouth.

Rest assured, your trusted dentist is not going to give you x-rays unless you really need them. One of the many reasons it's important to have a dental professional that you trust.

Spending a single day outside with that big yellow thing in the sky alone, is the equivalent of getting 20 x-ray's. Exceeding the maximum dosage of radiation considered safe would mean taking 10 thousand x-ray's in one year. So, unless you need 10 thousand x-ray's, it's safe to say you'll be perfectly healthy.

We're all exposed to some amount of radiation every single say. From things like television, microwaves, the sun, smoke detectors, minerals in soil... probably things you don't even think about.

So consider when your dentist advises it's necessary to take an x-ray, that it is only for the benefit of your health.

It's responsible to be aware of the things we put in and around our bodies. So when it comes to dental x-ray's, make sure the occasion calls for it.

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