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Answering Your Most Commonly Asked Questions on Google

In todays blog we're going to be answering your guys' most commonly asked questions on google!

Do teeth regenerate?

Tooth enamel, though the most endurable tissue of the human body, cannot regrow, or regenerate. Even with those fancy toothpastes that guarantee to rejuvenate your teeth, unfortunately, they cannot. The most these toothpastes can do, is restore some calcium and phosphate back into your existing teeth. It's better that you take care of your teeth prior to a state of needing new ones!

Do teeth whitening strips work?

Most whitening strips are formulated only to whiten surface stains on our teeth. They are relatively low in active whitening ingredients, which is why they only penetrate the surface. Hydrogen peroxide is the ingredient which whitens teeth. When it comes to contact with our teeth, it oxidizes, which then bleaches it.

Why do gums bleed?

If you're experiencing bleeding gums, the first thing you should pay attention to is when you brush your teeth. You could be brushing too hard. Flossing after not having flossed for a while can also cause your gums to bleed. Onto more minor "could be's"- it could be gingivitis, or gum inflammation. This is a mild form of gum disease, and is caused by plaque buildup. Other sings that could point to gingivitis is redness, swelling, along with bleeding. Diabetes can also be a warning sign of bleeding gums. Type 1-2 diabetes can be a reason for bleeding gums.

Why your teeth might ache

There can be many causes for a tooth ache. It could be anywhere from a cavity, gum disease, sinus infection, to a myriad of other things. Bruxism (what dental professionals refer to as grinding teeth) can also be the cause of a tooth ache. The best thing you can do is schedule an appointment with your trusted dentist and find the source. Try switching to a more gentle toothbrush until then.

How do teeth grow?

Baby teeth can start to form from 6-8 weeks of fetal development! That's right, before we're even born our teeth are predetermined. Adult teeth begin to form in the 20th week. When a child is 5-8 months old, their first teeth will start to pop out. Next come canines, at about 16-23 months. And our adult teeth push through throughout years 6-13.

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